Prior Learning

Turn your learning into a certification with our Prior Learning Assessment programs. We have devised our programs to satisfy the need of working professional nowadays, who want to get a degree while keeping their professional life on the plate. If you have acquired much knowledge from your work experience or have participated in any volunteering activity or military training, we can help you plunge in the academia and take your academic achievements to the sky height.

Looking for an easy and fast way to broaden the scope of your knowledge? Prior learning assessment programs are the best way to go. You can prove your knowledge and skills with the help of our prior learning assessment strategies and get your work experience degree today. The more you’ll learn, the better job you’ll get. We can help you get the most of our degree programs so that you can hasten the pace for your achievement.

Prior Learning Assessment Making you ace the pace

In this fast-moving, rapidly evolving society, if we put out priorities on hold, we will be left behind, as thus we help our candidate take everything at the same so that you don’t have to miss anything in your life. With Fast University, you can get your life and work experience degrees in the least possible time and best possible rates.

Our tuition fees are kept affordable so that you don’t have to cut corners on other important expenses of your life. Our degrees are recognised worldwide; we help you stay competitive, not just in your company or your country, but across the globe. We believe that if you are performing well in your workspace then your skills and learning should be recognised even if your employer does not appreciate you for that.

Prior Learning Assessment – Driving the benefits of a higher level degree

Every cloud has a silver lining and we help you see it even if you are going through the rainy-day. No matter what hardships you have experienced in your professional life, we help you turn them into the opportunities for a brighter future. All you need to do is to reach us and enlighten us with your details, we’ll then assess your knowledge and learning to award you a bachelor’s or master’s or even a PhD degree depending on the years you worked I the field and knowledge you have gained so far.

Get Your Dream Job or promotion with Prior Learning Assessment programs

Affordable Solutions To Score Better Paying Jobs

The courses we offer at Fast University Degree are kept affordable so that you can easily afford them without investing a fair share of your salary in it. Besides this, getting your degree a bit earlier can help you save on the tuition fees.

No matter what field you are working in, we are sure to provide you with the most authentic and reliable degrees to back your experience and score the high-paying jobs that require a master or PhD degree holder as a future employee.